About Elti Solutions

Elti Solutions is a Global Talent Search company specializing in the discovery and acquisition of top quality executive, management, software engineering, and QA talent. Founded in early 2005 by a former Software Engineer with broad experience working for a variety of large and small companies in the Bay Area, we thoroughly understand the needs and challenges of teams of all sizes.

The majority of our clients are well-funded, growing companies backed by top VC firms in the Bay Area. We provide a personalized service tailored to both their technical and non-technical needs. We enjoy the challenges of hard-to-fill openings, and we never rest from trying to find the best candidates possible. Our top priority is to develop trust-based, long-term working relationships with the teams developing cutting edge technologies.

Elti Solutions takes relationships with the candidates to the next level. We will gladly provide resumes, interviews, and career advice. We see the real people behind the resumes and try our best to help them.

Elti Solutions creates an environment that promotes and supports creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and work / life balance for all its employees. For more information about Elti Solutions, visit http://www.eltisolutions.com, www.facebook.com/eltisolutions and our Career Lounge blog at http://eltisolutions.blogspot.com/.

Email: lilia@EltiSolutions.com
Phone: (650) 493-8025
Fax: (650) 989-1312

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